Love Is Blind | Reunion Reaction

  • That was very odd edit from the introduction
  • Gianani and Damian are back together but just dating
  • Am still shocked that ANYONE is still together
    • Credit to Amber & Barnett and Lauren & Cameron
  • Jessica learning from some major cringe worthy moments
  • Carlton…just working on Carlton
  • Diamond looks so grown up since the time the show filled
    • Note she is not sitting next to Carlton at all
    • Diamond is going back to school for PHD so MAD respect
  • The Lachey’s STINK at the hosting thing; they are so scripted and over acting
  • This whole reunion is edited so quickly together like a crazy bad roller coaster
  • Mark is not sitting next to Jessica either
    • I think they kind of ended amicably. May just by the blocking they needed for the reunion staging
  • Carlton fell asleep with Amber; mental exhaustion is a real thing
  • This is kind of cruel with them showing past dating experience ect
    • Why add an insecurity possibility now?
  • Barnett: “I always regret everything I say” made me chuckle
  • Amber calling Jessica out. YES. LOVE IT.
    • Respect to her for not accepting the apology and holding that grudge
  • No way Mark and Diamond make it as a couple IF they wanted to try
  • I could NOT watch Diamond and Carlton fight again
    • Fast forward through that drama
  • Carlton did handle that question about being here well
    • Diamond is right to at least be comfortable in the same room
  • Yea…no duh. No way they are getting back together
  • Okay…I just had to pause it. WHAT THE HELL IS CARLTON ABOUT TO DO
    • CRINGEEEEE. Closed my eyes. Gross
  • Giannani and Damian learning to date at own pace is a very nice thing
    • Love how Damian wouldn’t change a thing about their wedding day. Staying true to self
  • Kenny would be a very good politician, that is a good call
  • Kelly is totally fair to want to conventional and normal path
  • Amber and Barnett almost got divorced – glad for a little bit of a reality check
  • Mark seems genuinely curious about what Jessica is going to say
    • Amber doesn’t like anything about this Jessica stuff
  • So the Reunion takes placed a year and a half after the show was taped
  • The pink lipstick is very distracting at Lauren
  • Lauren and Cameron seem like 100% happy – This is eerie how crazy that is
  • Well all think love can be blind. That is tough for me to believe but props to them for being risky enough to be a part of it

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