Avenue 5…what a weird show.

I am writing this as a stream to consciousness to try and figure out whether I liked the show. It’s conflicting because as a television it is not good, but as a cleverly written comedy sketch show, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Going episode by episode is not proactive because the plot points connecting them are limited and no one episode really sticks out. In terms of HBO shows I’ve watched; Avenue 5 is by far the bottom of the totem pole. But even saying that, I still don’t think the show is BAD BAD. It’s just meh. And that’s what’s so confusing.

None of the performances are bad on Avenue 5…but none of them are great? I think?

In terms of the major standouts, that gold medal winners go to Lenora Crichlow playing ship engineer and overall competent Billie McEvoy and Suzy Nakamura as the depressingly dark Iris Kumura. Josh Gad, playing overloading ship owner Herman Judd, has one-liners throughout the entire season. Not all of them landed but his over-rich persona does mix well as a comedic foil of the rest of the characters stupidity. Hugh Laurie plays the “captain” Ryan Clark with a performance that is good, but not great.

Watching Avenue 5 feels like getting home from a long trip to a cluttered bedroom. You are happy to be comforted and away from stress but upset because it’s not organized and that there aren’t clean sheets on the bed to snuggle into.

I recommend the Avenue 5, but mainly as a second screen viewing. You don’t need to pay close attention to it, and many of the jokes are a wonderful tinge of clever and simple.

The first season ended on Sunday, prompting this little reaction. Odds are that when season two rolls around, I will forget it’s coming, but be excited to start it. There is no start date for the second season of Avenue 5.

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