The Continental is a chain of hotels located all around the world that function as a neutral territory for members of the criminal underworld. They are frequented by many hitmen and notorious murderers.

Director: Albert Hughes, Charlotte Brändström
Writers: Greg Coolidge, Shawn Simmons, Kirk Ward, Chris Collins, Ken Kristenen
Staring: Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell, Peter Greene, Nhung Kate, Katie McGrath, Jessica Allain, Jeremy Bobb, Adam Shapiro, Ayomide Adegun, Salley Garnett
Release Date: September 2023

In Wick we trust. The John Wick film franchise somehow managed to knock it out of the park with each of its four movies. Now, with the story of everyone’s beloved titular character seemingly complete, it is time to expand one of the best setup fictional universes going right now.

The Continental is a prequel series that will explore the origin and inner workings of the the New York based Continental hotel. For those who don’t know, the Continental hotel brand is a safe space in the John Wick universe for professional assassins. In the movies The Continental is run by Winston Scott and Charon, played by Ian McShane and Lance Reddick, respectively. This three part special event is going to show a young Winston and Young Charon in the 1970s rising up through the ranks and establishing themselves & the hotel as names to be remembered.

According the Collider, The Continental will be three 90-minute episodes. They are going with the Netflix Stranger Things approach. The three episodes will be continuous, without a time jump. There will be action, and there will be carnage. It’ll be interesting to see the set pieces that the show runners are able to create, but one has to think that if you are making a movie in the Wick universe, you have to crank it up a notch compared to the normal action TV fodder.

Colin Woodell is playing Young Winston. A young actor, he is best known recently for being Rick Betancourt in The Purge TV show, Buckley Ware in The Flight Attendant as well as EMT Scott in Ambulance (2022). Ayomide Adegun has the duty of playing you Charon, which takes on difference importance with the passing of Lance Riddick. Adegun is brand new to the game. He is in The Continental, and The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbird And Snakes, both of which are coming out later in 2023.

The most interesting part of this is Mel Gibson being cast as a character called Cormac. He is not in this trailer at all. There is naturally some messiness with his past antisemitic remarks, so Gibson’s absence from the preview is most definitely a planned thing. The saving grace is that I think Gibson is going to play the bad guy. He is going to be the asshole that everyone loves hating. This is Gibson’s first TV Show since the short-lived ABC Comedy Complete Savages. Thank you Hollywood Reporter for that information. T

An interesting aspect of The Continental is that it was originally meant to be on Starz, but the dropped it and Peacock picked it up. For my wallet, and the numbers of viewers it will reach, this really is a fantastic move. There are going be Easter Eggs a plenty, and bullets a flying. The Continental: From The World Of John Wick may have all of culture revolving around it when it drops on Peacock sometime in September 2023.

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