“The Midnight Club follows a group of five terminally ill patients at Brightcliffe Hospice, who begin to gather together at midnight to share scary stories.”

Creators: Mike Flanagan, Leah Fong
Writers: Mike Flanagan, Leah Fong, Christopher Pike
Staring: Samantha Sloyan, Zach Gilford, Igby Rigney, Heather Langenjamp, Matt Biedel
Release Date: October 7, 2022

If Mike Flanagan is making a creepy thing, I am going to watch it. The Haunting Of Hill House was awesome. The Haunting Of Bly Manor was good. Midnight Mass was…good till the finale. Before anything I even got to the Netflix mini series, I loved Hush (2016), Gerald’s Game (2017) and Doctor’s Sleep (2019).

There are more than a few familiar faces in The Midnight Club.

Flanagan is staying in the family for some of the major roles. Samantha Sloyan is back after being despicable human known as Beth in Midnight Mass. Zach Gilford is back after dying so abruptly yet heroically as Riley in Midnight Mass. Igby Rigney also returns after playing Riley’s brother in Midnight Mass.

An exciting new additional to Flanagan’s family is Heather Langenkamp, who everyone should recognize as Heather in A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984). Excited to see what she can bring to the table!

So what is The Midnight Club about? The mini-series is based off books written by Christopher Pike of the same name. There are a group of terminally ill kids who meet in secret and tell themselves horror stories as the clock strikes midnight. When meeting they decide to form a pact that whichever one them dies first, then they must make their best effort to contact the rest of the group from beyond the grave.

Sounds spooky enough, right?

The trailer gives little away as to what is going to transpire over the course of the show, but it does introduce us to the kids who will be sharing their haunting stories. Is it going to be little horror vignettes interwoven with present days thrills? Or is The Midnight Club going to be a full on vignette told through the eyes of a narrator…all be it the one that died first?

The scares come to life on Netflix on October 7, 2022.

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