• Taysha has the Co-Co. That is a tough break for her when the most eyes would have been on her for the finale.
  • Becka (spelling) and Thomas, along with Serena and Joe, are the two strongest couples out of paradise.
  • “She is using a Papermate flair pen. What a teacher.” – Quote from my teacher girlfriend
  • Brandon brings flowers matching Michelle’s dress. Smart.
  • Brandon has much less nerves meeting parents because he has already done so before.
  • The bathing suit is a hilarious joke by Brandon. Very good job.
  • Michelle’s sister looks exactly like her dad. Mirror image.
  • Brandon’s job is remote.
  • Michelle’s mom LOVESSS Brandon. She acknowledges Nayte exists but she is very much like “mehhhhh”
  • Nayte is bumbling the this introduction.
  • Brandon was ready to move to Minnesota, but Nayte says that there are logistics. Have Michelle and Nayte talked about that?
  • GREAT QUESTION BY MICHELLE’S SISTER! Asking about his ability to stay still in one place. Also indicated that Nayte and Michelle want to go on adventures but again Michelle’s sister making a great point that such quests can be a distraction to what your relationship can really be like.
  • Michelle…you don’t your mom’s honest answer. Yup. There it is. Michelle’s mom has the right read.
  • Michelle is not walking out with a smile after those introductions. She against asks Nayte if he is really in this. He answers the right way but does Michelle believe it.
  • Michelle walked back in with her family and they were talking. Wonder if she heard anything.
  • Talk about something that would never, ever happen in my family…a family group hug. There is no way.
  • It is a pretty sunset shot there after the group family hug.
  • Uhhh breakup blue. It is going to happen. I have heard of this meme that such is the thing that happened.
  • Michelle talking about how much her family loves Brandon…and then she is going to break up with him. What is the on/off switch here when she finally makes up her mind?
  • What is the gift that Brandon is going to give Michelle? It involves something with a bed. What did Brandon take from their fantasy suite?
  • It is a sweatshirt. The food fight sweatshirt.
  • Thinking. Brandon is thinking. The music has turned off. This is about to get far too real.
  • Nayte not wanting to get his white shoes dirty on a muddy path. Not the way that I wear sneakers.
  • Nayte does work the shorter shorts look.
  • NAYTE HAS BLOCKAGE IN HIS BRAIN. HE NEEDS TO OPEN UP! Nayte is not good with words. He needs to do a bit more of those little actions.
  • The Bachelor franchise gives people whose love language is physical touch or words of affirmation. Those who like quality time are struggled.
  • Nayte calls it a proposal but Brandon calls it an engagement.
  • There is no interactions between Nayte and Brandon during this episode.
  • Michelle does not look convinced or resolved in any of her doubts of Nayte. I am terribly sorry, but just reading off the body languge, I do not believe it.
  • Michelle has a note on her door. It is from Brandon. Brandon’s voiceover reading the note.
  • The fact that I know how this ends up is making this less exciting for me because I am not a fan of the eventual winner. I think I just love Brandon so much more than actually disliking Nayte.
  • So Neil Lane is here. And here are the super expensive rings.
  • Is it such thing to know you found your person right away?
  • This is going to be brutal with Brandon. Just brutal.
  • Should Taysha be weating white?? Bristow kind of is too.
  • Why is the audio all fucked up for Brandon’s speech?? Like the waves are pounding him out. This is terrible audio mixing.
  • The waves are terrible for audio mixing but PLAN AHEAD!!!
  • You saw the moment that Brandon knew. Ouch. Pain. Just full of pain.
  • At least Brandon didn’t get down on one knee.
  • Brandon is making this harder for Michelle because he is handling it so well. He was smiling, and then he was crying. He took that like a champ.
  • Michelle just not be wearing shoes up on that stand.
  • Did Brandon throw the ring??? There are producers scouring that beach for that ring!
  • People were shitting on Nayte’s speech, I don’t think that it was that bad. Sure, he may have been very generic, but he did go in prepared. Maybe he didn’t prepare the right thing, but he prepared something.
  • How will Michelle’s parents react? I want to know.
  • Soulnayte??
  • A Marichi band??
  • At least Michelle gets to be happy with Taysha and Katelyn.
  • I am sorry, but there is no way that Nayte and Michelle are going to last.
  • So onto the final rose!
  • Brandon bringing out the fancy maroon jacket.
  • Brandon shouting out Will and Daniel helping out him after the breakup.
  • The crowd LOVES Brandon.
  • That shot of Brandon alone on the beach taken by Bristow is beautiful but also heartbroken.
  • “Beauty in the struggle.” – That is a good phrase.
  • Michelle and Brandon are wearing the same color!! Oh and they acknowledge it. That is good.
  • That was really awkward when the person in the audience clapped during Michelle talking about being in love with multiple at once but no one else clapped.
  • Brandon saying he misses Brandon’s parents “A Fucking Lot” which is awesome. It was on live TV. someone had their hand on the MUTE MUTE MUTE button.
  • Brandon knowing what Michelle’s heart was showing her while he was walking up was very true and even more painful.
  • Here comes Nayte. He is getting an ovation. Also he gets Maroon. He is wearing the same color as Brandon was.
  • That is really cute that Nayte’s mom and Michelle’s mom are friends now. That is nice and reassuring.
  • Michelle seems SOOOO MUCH more relaxed on this after show. She has a much bigger smile now now that there isn’t worrying.
  • Good good, Minnesota is happening for Nayte. They finally had that conversation, thank god.
  • Zillow notifications…buying a house. Goes to the Instagram post I saw that there is 200,000 dollars going to invest in their house. Oh, wait. That is actually happening. Is that 200K cash. Wow. Good for Michelle. She is ecstatic.
  • There is NO WAYYYYYYYY they would have given Katie the 200K. Zero shot.
  • Clayton’s time to shine.
  • Clayton is aware of the mixed reactions. So now he is going to face his haters head on.
  • Taking a page of Jimmy Kimmel’s book.
  • As mean as it is, #QuarantineGoggles are pretty good.
  • The Shrek one…he could have been really witty with it but let Bristow.
  • This is so awkward. This is really unkind.
  • Clayton reading everything and being aware of what everyone thinks is scary.
  • I forgot that Jesse Palmer is hosting the Bachelor this year.
  • That is a wrap. There it is.

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