Prequel to the Netflix series ‘The Witcher’, set in an elven world 1,200 years before the show, centering on the origins of the very first Witcher.

Creator: Declain De Barra
Staring: Michelle Yeoh, Lenny Henry, Jacob Collins-Levy, Dylan Moran
Release Date: Sometimes in 2022

More Witcher things!! Netflix is going deep into the lore of The Continent. The Witcher: Blood Origins is a mini series on Netlfix that is going explore how Witcher’s came to be. The story takes place 1,200 years (somewhat specific timeframe) before the show and also will set in an elven world, theoretically before the conjunction of the spheres and the involvement of humans

Very interesting song choice for the trailer. I would not have expected a remix, rendition, or what-have-you of Ellie Goulding’s Burn. The words to that song are the only words spoken in the entire trailer. It is landscape, walking, forlorning (come on this must be a word) and violence all mashed together in a crisp 1:09.

Now here is the thing. I wanted to go and read about this trailer, but I was immediately spoiled to something happening in season two of The Witcher which I have not seen yet. Therefore, I am not going to read any more into it. I will be revisiting this trailer when I have finished the show. As of now, Emma and I are only two episodes in so we have to start hoofing it harder.

The Witcher: Blood Origins will be coming out sometime 2022 on Netflix.

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