Notable Week 14 Nuggets

  • For the record, I am doing a recap for the two playoff matchups because…frankly…those are the only ones that matter *insert shrug emoji*
  • I am waiting on one person to pay up and then I will be disseminating money as fit: 50 bucks to regular season champ, 50 bucks to runner up in championship and remaining to the true champion.
  • Everyone has paid up so I have paid Mike Ritz his 50 bucks for winning the regular season title.
  • So here it is. A championship rematch from last year The commissioners are back in the title hunt.

First Round Playoff Matchup Recap

Deus Ex Mac (267.24) defeats ESPNFAN 12319776 (251.76)

At the end of the first week, Steve held a large 134.84 to 110.3 lead over myself. Come week two, it was a different story. I was fortunate enough to out-preform my projected score by nearly 30 points while Steve’s team let him down and fell nearly 14 points below his projected total.

You look at the quarterbacks and Aaron Rodgers and Justin Herbert were even. The first diversion was in the running back two slot where Miles Sanders was clutch on Tuesday night scoring 15.6 points against the Washington Football Team. Meanwhile Corarrelle Patterson scored 3.3 points. It was announced before the game that he was on a limiter in terms of touches…so glad the Falcons stuck to their guns.

My personal MVP for this matchup has to be the wide receiving corp. Cooper Kupp did the amazing thing he has been doing all year and scored 30.2 points to help me get the win.Then there is Russell Gage who I threw in on a whim, and he was mahussive with 19.1 points. He picked up the slack from Brandon Aiyuk who only netted 4.1 for me.

Also it was nice to see Travis Kelce arise from his slumber. The past two weeks he had 4.2 points exactly against Denver and Las Vegas. It was a very convenient time for Kelce to have his highest scoring game of the year. I do not like that it helped the Chiefs get back the number one seed in the AFC (courtesy of the Patriots losing as well), but still time for the Patriots to come back.

Just touched on Steve’s roster one more time, he went into weekday games having Antonio Gibson, David Montgomery, Matt Gay and Gerald Everett. Tuesday could not have started off any worse with Gibson getting in the end zone right away, but that momentum halted. He had 11 points in the first quarter and finished with 13.4. The Eagles figured out what the football team was trying to do. I was also petrified of Matt Gay just going crazy again. His first kick was from 50+ yards! The last three weeks for Steve he had 15, 14 and 10 points each.

End of the day, Deus Ex Mac is back in the Championship. The commish has a chance to defend his title against the team that was number one the entire season.

Now You Ceedee Now You Don’t (162.2) Leads DIRTY MIKE AND THE BOYS (152.62)

A second come-from-behind win in the postseason! How about them apples! Mike Ritz was down just under 10 points after the first week of the first playoff round, but he manages to squeak by Ronan, survive Tuesday night, and get himself into the championship round once again.

After Ritz and Ronan each put up monster week 14 efforts in the first round of their contest, week 15 was a drop down to the status quo. (This is your reminder that “Stick to the Status Quo” may be the worst concept for a song ever made.).

Taysom Hill scored 26.3 points for Ronan last week, but struggled in week 15 with just 9.46 points. Another huge loss for team Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t was Tyler Lockett who got stuck in COVID protocols. He had 24.7 points last week, and nobody picked up that slack in Ronan’s final week. Terry McLaurin had zero points in week 14 so Ronan sat him in week 15. The Football Team wide receiver had 6.1 points, which was would not have been enough to beat Ritz but would have been closer than Van Jefferson’s 4.3 points.

The big question is did Ritz have to work on Wednesday? Did he have to go to bed early or was he able to watch his victory?

Ritz set himself up for victory with the aid of Tyreek Hill and his 26.8 point performance. It is Hill’s highest outing since he scored 42.1 points in week four against Philadelphia. Hill really was the only standout player on team Dirty Mike And The Boys; the rest of the team was just steady and consistent. His lowest position scorer was Mike Williams with 6.4 points, but you can expect him to rebound. Kyler Murray was 12 point below his projection, but so was Hill for Ronan in the QB spot.

I think the MVP of this matchup for Ritz has to be Ronan’s inability to choose the right wide receivers to play. I do not mean for that to read harsh. It is annoying in fantasy when you just have to throw darts on the board. The worst part is the if he played AJ Green and Terry McLaurin, then he would have had 5.5 more points and it would have gotten him to within less than a point.

Ronan held onto Michael Thomas the entire season on the IR but he never suited up. Also Ronan’s depth on his roster got decimated when D’Andre Swift got hurt for Detroit. A tough blow. Ritz was able to have all of his best players from his home stretch available, and now maybe he has the chance for Derrick Henry to come back…? Is that in the cards?

Championship Matchup (Weeks 16 & 17)

  • It is a matchup of the two top teams from the regular season. Ritz finished first and I finished second in the standings. Ritz was number one in points scored this season and I was number four (though less than four points shy of Steve who was second)
  • Ritz is going to have to cope with losing Leonard Fournette who is most likely done for the remainder of this fantasy football season. How much will he spend on Ronald Jones Jr. who is available on waivers. He has been free since September 29th when Lobo dropped him.
  • The lone matchup in the regular season that we had was in week eight it was a 94.42 to 87.66 decision in Stanko’s favor. Not a stellar showing for either one of our teams. Ritz’s high scorers that game were the Eagles defense getting 20.0 points and Hill collected 21.4 points. They were his only two in double figures. For myself, Cooper Kupp had 21.0 points, Chuba Hubbard scored 13.6 and Randy Bullock had 12 in the kicker position.
  • Ritz’s team has often flowed with the play of Kyler Murray, and he was a pair of tougher matchups coming up; week 16 is the Indianapolis Colts and then the Dallas Cowboys in week 17.
  • Kansas City Chiefs COVID situation has both Ritz and I in a pickle. I have Kelce in the COVID protocol and Ritz has Hill. both are expected to play, but who knows the effects.
  • A slight nod in my favor, if I am being honest, is that one of Ritz’s best wide receiver options Mike Williams, and I have Justin Herbert at quarterback. So they maybe kinda sorta cancel themselves out unless Herbert can throw to other players.
  • I have to say that I am petrified of George Kittle who has the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans over the next two weeks. That seems like 50 points between the two weeks, easy.
  • Will Ritz just ride with Tony Pollard as his RB? He has been a steady backup option but Zeke has been healthier than anticipated down the stretch. I have to imagine that Ritz is going to buy up anyone he wants since he has 77 bucks in FAB left.
  • For myself, I think I am going to have to go with Justin Herbert in week 16 and then Jalen Hurts in week 17. Herbert goes up against the Texans tis week. I will take that. Then Huts goes up against Washington next week, who may have nothing to play for and Hurts just scored 27.64 points against them.
  • I have no idea what I am going to be doing with my flex spot. Do I go rotating the New England running backs again? That has not worked out lately for me.
  • A reminder that the winner of this championship gets 400 bucks. The loser gets 50 bucks back. He doesn’t lose any money.

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