Notable Week 14 Nuggets

  • For the record, I am doing a recap for the two playoff matchups because…frankly…those are the only ones that matter *insert shrug emoji*
  • I am waiting on one person to pay up and then I will be disseminating money as fit: 50 bucks to regular season champ, 50 bucks to runner up in championship and remaining to the true champion.

Week 14 Playoff Matchup Recap

ESPNFAN 12319776 (134.84) LEADS DEUS EX MAC (110.3)

So, I am embarrassed. Steve beat me handily in the first week of the playoffs and I am trailing both Ronan and Ritz WOEFULLY. I mean good lord almighty.

Now I am going to get on my soapbox because I am the one writing this blog.

HEY URBAN MEYER! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND PLAY YOUR BEST SKILL POSITION PLAYER YOUR BITCH! How the hell has he scored 2.4 points over the last two weeks, INCLUDING 0.4 POINTS LAST WEEK??? Like 10 points and I would be in a much better spot. This is ridiculous.

So Steve has built up this lead with the unbelievable stack of Aaron Rodgers and DaVante Adams.Combined they scored 58.74 points…ALL IN THE FINAL THREE QUARTERS?? I went to bed at the end of the first quarter because I am an old man and I woke up to find out Steve and the Packers had slapped me across the face. Also last night, I will go FUCK MYSELF that Matt Gay scored 14 points as the kicker. He was Steve’s third highest scorer. I mean seriously this is not good mojo.

We went into this week being with projected to be within .7 points of each other. Steve surpassed his expectation by 14.24 points and I fell below mine by 11…hence the 24 point difference.

The MVP of week one in this playoff matchup is the Green Bay Packers and their frustratingly good offense. God damn it.

The key for me is that I need Thursday Night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers to be as high scoring as possible. I need Justin Herbert to throw all the touchdowns to not Keenan Allen and I need Travis Kelce to wake the fuck up and have a MONSTER game. Basically before Sunday I will know my fate because I also have Damien Harris on Saturday night against the Colts.

For Steve, I mean he just has to keep living. He is riding a five game winning streak (really six with this past week), and he has been making the most of everything he has been handed. Again the man with fewest points scored against him in the regular season goes against me in a week where I throw a dud in the playoffs. This is not bashing Steve. He is using everything to his advantage and it is working. Skill and luck are needed in fantasy and he has it.

Now You Ceedee Now You Don’t (162.2) Leads DIRTY MIKE AND THE BOYS (152.62)

I think Ritz and Ronan and fuming at the fact they have to play each other rather than facing off against Steve or I. Two MONSTER weeks put up by both and Ronan finds himself ahead by almost 10 points despite literally ZERO points from Terry McLaurin. Talk about picking up the slack.

For Ronan, It was the Dallas defense coming through with 24.0 points against the Washington Football Team. It is as if they knew they were fucking up McLaurin so they paid Ronan back with three fumble recoveries, an interception and a touchdown.

Also props has to be paid to Ronan for starting Taysom Hill and taking the chance that he can do something. The running quarterback demolished the New York jets and had 26.3 fantasy points, outscoring Kyler Murray of Arizona who really struggled on Monday night football.

Ronan also has Hunter Renfrow in his flex spot and he scored 22.2 points despite the Raiders getting absolutely pummeled by the chiefs. How crazy is it that Tyreek Hill scored only 9.6 points (and Kelce scored less than five) when Kansas City scored 48 team points. Just crazy town.

For Ritz, his saving grace was Javonte Williams having a massive game for Denver and even the Tennessee had 19 points with four interceptions of Trevor Lawrence.

The MVP of the their week one playoff contest was Dallas’ defense coming to the rescue, and they have a chance to repeat those numbers against the Mike Glennon led New York Giants in week 15. For Ritz, in order to complete the comeback, he needs to find the secret sauce for his wide receivers. Is he going to play DeVonta Smith? Is Mike Williams going to go off on Thursday? These are things that need to happen.

Playoff Round One Matchups (Weeks 14 & 15)

No. 1 Dirty Mike And The Boys (152.62) vs. No 4 Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (162.2)
No. 2 Deus Ex Mac (110.3) vs. No. 3 ESPNFan 12319776 (132.84)

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