Notable Nuggets

  • I just want to speak to the fact that the parody in the league is awesome. Nobody technically eliminated from the playoffs (I think) and anyone really can beat anyone any week.
  • Ronan has won three gam4-es in a row against Steve, Tommy and Tom. He is heating up as the race for the playoffs is getting really intense.
  • Ritz has a 99% chance o1f making the playoffs according to the ESPN algorithm. He has Tommy, Lobo and Ronan left.
  • ESPN also says that McLaughlin has a 51% chance of making the playoffs but currently sits in sixth place. Tom has myself, McGinnity and Jimmy left.
Remaining strength of schedule
  • Buzzi: (16-14) | Lobo, Tommy, Stanko
  • Jimmy (17-13) | Ritz, Ronan, Tom
  • Lobo: (14-16) | Buzzi, Ritz, Tommy
  • McGinnity: (14-16) | Ronan, Tom, Steve
  • Ritz: (15-15) | Jimmy, Lobo, Ronan
  • Ronan (17-13) | McGinnity, Jimmy, Ritz
  • Stanko: (12-18) | Tom, Steve, Buzzi
  • Steve: (16-14) | Tommy, Stanko, McGinnity
  • Tom: (17-13) | Stanko, McGinnity, Jimmy
  • Tommy: (12-18) | Steve, Buzzi, Lobo

Week 10 Matchup Recap

Deus Ex Mac (113.5) vs. Ja’Marr THe Merrier (96.78)

It all comes down to Monday night. Tommy entered the finale of week 10 trailing me by just shy of 13 points. He had Matthew Stafford and Brrandon Aiyuk. I had Cooper Kupp. Then the pieces fell into place and….

At this moment I would like to thank Matthew Stafford for not playing well and opening the game with two interceptions. I would like to thank Cooper Kupp for being good at football and receiving the majority of the yards Stafford ended up throwing. Also Aiyuk only had 4.1 points. Just a good night around for Stanko. And a Celtics win.

Ezekiel Elliot started off Sunday having 15 plus points in the first half but ended only with 19.26 points. Thank god it was at least a blowout for my sake. D’Ernest Johnson on Tennessee nearly matched his RB1 with 19.2 points. Also why didn’t Pittsburgh just feed Najee Harris when their game went into OT? You let your backup QB, Mason Rudolph, throw the ball 50 times??? That seems unwise!

For my myself and I, I would really like to have the high-floor Justin Herbert that I thought I would get. Jalen Hurts is now more reliable and that is insane to me. I am very proud of my pickup of Mark Ingram. However my running back depth is filled with backups and unreliables. It is a tough scene.

MVP of this first matchup is going to bed early and not stressing about Monday Night Football and waking up to a victory.

Get McCaffreinated (138.14) defeats Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (104.3)

Buzzi picks up his third win of the season with massive help from the return of Christian McCaffrey and the resurgence of Patrick Mahomes. McCaffrey netted 21.1 points and it could have been more if Cam Newton didn’t vulture a pair of touchdowns down by the goal line. Mahomes was dominant and made a statement. It is his third 30 point outing of the season.

Mr. Jimmy Simon played all the players he should on Sunday but it just wasn’t enough. The tandem running back system of Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon did not pan out when Jones went down with injury. Now the Boston College power-thighed skills of Dillon still able to supply two touchdowns, maybe Jimmy can survive if that keeps up. However, seems a wee bit optomistic.

The MVP of Buzzi’s win has to be Mahomes who put together a season-best 36.24 points in a massive win that put them back atop the AFC West and back into the playoff picture.

NOW YOU CEEDEE NOW YOU DONT (136.64) Defeats My GLOCKZ OUT (118.74)

Honestly, just a touch matchup from McLaughlin here. The real kick in the nads for My Glockz Out is his tight end T.J. Hockenson scoring zero points for himself and the Detroit Lions. Jarvis Landry also only had 4.6 points in the Browns blowout loss to the Patriots.

It is not great that McLaughlin went up against the Dallas Cowboys of Ronan, the MVP’s of the matchup. CeeDee Lamb scored 25.6 points and the Dallas defense was a monster with 22.0 points. I wonder if it is extra painful for McLaughlin knowing that he had Dak Prescott but all his success went to the main wide receiver he didn’t want the passes to go to. Nothing went to Amari Cooper.

The thing with both of these teams is that they’d like Russell Wilson to be back to help out their respective Seattle wideouts. My Glockz Out has D.K. Metcalf who scored only 4.1 points. Tyler Lockett had 3.1 points for Ronan. It is only this week that Ronan was able to Cee through Dee trees and get a victory.

ESPNFAN 12319776 (110.48) DEfeats Team Lobo (95.92)

The bottom two teams in the standings each got a victory this week as Steve takes down Lobo to earn his fourth win of the season.

Antonio Gibson, going up against the toughest rush defense in the NFL, scored 20.8 points and earns easy MVP honors for this contest. I am not bitter at all that didn’t play him in my other league.

Also let’s talk about how Steve has been riding Michael Carter, a running back on the New York Jets, to victory recently. Don’t look now, this huge ESPN fan has won two in a row and is getting ready to potential make a late playoff push and play spoiler at the same time?

Looking at Lobo’s lineup this week. it is brutal that Mike Gesicki got zero points on Thursday night against the Ravens when Miami actually played well. Stefon Diggs’ first 20+ point game of the season but it wasn’t enough.

It may be tough for Steve this week with Cordarelle Patterson questionable for Thursday night.

Dirty Mike And The Boys (92.98) Defeats Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (67.84)

I mean, just not a good day to be Matthew McGinnity. Only two players to score double-figures for McGinnity in Week 10 were his quarterback Josh Allen and his kicker Chris Boswell of Pittsburgh. I mean YIKES! Matt drew the bad card in terms of Patriots running backs that would matter. Also, A.J. Brown getting less than five points is tricky into do for a Titans win. He has less than 10 points in his last two matchups after two weeks of back-to-back 20+ points.

Over the course of the last three weeks, Ritz has put forth his three lowest scoring outputs of the entire season. No Derrick Henry is going to make that a troublesome trend to break, but regathering the body parts that make up Kyler Murray should help.

Ritz was able to win this contest despite Matt Ryan scoring 0.68 points. Tyreek Hill scored 24.0 points to help the cause.

Week Eleven Matchups

Now You CeeDee Now You Don’t (5-5) vs. Ooooo Jeudy James Jeudy (5-5)
ESPNFAN 12319776 (4-6) vs. Ja’Marr The Merrier (4-6)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Brady (5-5) vs. Dirty Mike And The Boys (7-3)
Team Lobo (5-5) vs. Get McCaffreinated (3-7)
My Glockz Out (5-5) vs. Deus Ex Mac (7-3)

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