Killing Eve is returning tonight on BBC America and AMC. I binge watched the first two seasons in about four days and had many thoughts (almost all of them good!). Here are just 10 of my bullet point thoughts on Killing Eve the series.

  1. Eight episodes is the perfect amount. Literally perfect amount. It is not too much and not too little. The show runners paced out season one to an absolute tee. Season two was not as strong in its pacing, but still it ended on a crescendo.
  2. The season finale of season one had so many sexual and female tips of the cap.
    • Cuddling and having something sharp prodding a female…that is a consequence of male-female cuddling
    • Blood upon a first entry (Eve’s first ever attempt at a fatal stabbing) …again…sexual connection
    • Eve running to help out Villanelle right after seeing the end results of her…penetration…runs to help out all nervous. Yup, relatable.
    • Not sure if it was meant to be that obvious, stood out to me very obviously
  3. Speaking of Villanelle…Jodie Comer is UNBELIEVABLE in this role. There is such a demand on her ability to weave in and out of languages and accents. She is just amazing. Comer kills it.
  4. As season two unfolded and now heading into season three, the relationship that I am most invested in is Eve and her husband, Niko. Poor Niko is being put through the ringer in terms of what his spouse is emotionally going through. Was happy to see him take a stand for himself in the closing episodes of season two.
  5. When Bill Pargrave (David Haig) died in episode three of season one, I was genuinely was blown away. An awesome scene with Villanelle’s sexy and scary smirk giving it the chef’s kiss.
  6. Konstantin coming back was an obvious twist in season two. They never showed him dead on screen when he was first thought to be dead, so the shock wasn’t fantastic.
  7. Killing Eve is partially written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who I now need to start catching up on. She has written (as well as producing) on two additional very well respected shows in Crashing and Fleabag. I have heard Fleabag was the best show of 2019, so it may have to be my next binge. She also wrote on the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die. I have to catch up BIG TIME.
  8.  I think less is more when it comes to Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw). She was a delight in season one but come season two I think her charm got subdued by over exposure.
  9. The question must be asked. What is the costume design budget for Killing Eve? A bajillion? It is well worth it because I have never been so excited to see what a character will wear, but the question has to be asked.
  10. I have two bold predictions for season three
    • Niko Polastri is going to kill someone and make for a complicated love triangle of sexual attraction between Eve, Villanelle and him.
      • IF they wanted to go crazy; have Villanelle get audio of Niko killing someone, and play it for Eve, and connect it to how Eve got physical with Hugo (Edward Bluemel) in season two.
    • Carolyn Martens is going to die. Not sure by the hands of whom…but she will die

If you want to catch up, you can watch Killing Eve on Hulu.

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