Scream season three is bad. Plain and simple. There is nothing remotely exciting about it and the loose tags to the original movie’s themes are few and far between. Scream season three is a waste of six-episode space.

What I hate about Scream season three is how much it devolved into a run-of-the-mill teen soap opera and not a horror show. The first season in 2015 was legit good season of TV that I worked through in a single day. Season two was a bit more of a drag, taking me a couple weeks to finish. Season three…I took a full year to finish the last three episodes after literally crawling through the first three.

What makes Scream even worse is that it got poorer as the entire season went on. As the plot gets more and more convoluted, the show dives deeper and deep into its bag of clichés. This season three is complete reboot from the first two seasons. None of the major characters from the tolerable first two seasons returned. Instead they cast the same exact TYPE of characters, just less charismatic in every sense of the word.

You have the stud jock Deion Elliot, the attractive new girl Liv, over-enthusiastic social advocate Kym, resident goth Beth and a series of other run-of-the-mill filler characters. Ghostface is tormenting all these folks, using their biases against one another to create constant chaos. The main attraction for the masked killer is Deion and his rather suspect past, but everyone is eventually in the killer’s cross hairs.

But who cares? I am not going to explain the plot of the third season because you (YES YOU READING THIS) should not watch it. Watch the first two seasons on Netflix because they are tolerable. But this third act is like trying to eat Jello that isn’t prepared properly. It’s just slurp, slurp, slurp of bad increments, and by the end it’s a just at stomachache accompanied by shame.

BAD. Scream season three is BAD!

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