The Lighthouse looks like the most A24 type of movie of all time. Square boxed, claustrophobic, black & white and with no easily discernible plot. It has two strong actors in Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson with just one other performer accredited; Valeriia Karaman appearing in her first motion picture as a Mermaid.

Writer and director Robert Eggers created drumming dread in his first motion picture effort The Witch in 2015. The Lighthouse seems to take the idea of Isolation illness and wretch it up to a thousand. I anticipate that this “story” won’t have a very linear connect-the-dot plot structure, but the characters will carry the movie and bring the audience along their waves of madness.

This will be the second movie based off of a lighthouse that I will see this year. Seems odd but I recently watched The Vanishing which came out last season staring Peter Mullan, Gerard Butler and Connor Swindells. That movie had its moments but didn’t capitalize fully. I don’t anticipate The Lighthouse not coming through.

It won’t make a ton of money, but I’d lean on the side of going to see this movie as soon as possible before someone spoils it for you. The Lighthouse comes out to a mass audience on Oct. 18, 2019.

“The Lighthouse” IMDB
“The Lighthouse” Rotten Tomatoes

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