Sometimes you just need a movie that’ll take you out of your stressful life. Pure and simple. Sometimes you just need a flick that’ll distract you from real world. That is exactly what my mindset was when I turned on The Babysitter (2017) on Netflix.

The horror-comedy has a super basic log line; from “The events of one evening take an unexpected turn for the worst for a young boy trying to spy on his babysitter.” It’s this simplistic ethos that allowed for director McG and writer Brian Duffield to create an extensively funny and thoroughly entertaining experience.

Babysitter Poster

I went into The Babysitter expecting nothing more than a cheap knockoff, but this beautifully short 85-minute flick is something I’ll be recommending to everyone. The movie contains smart high-school charm, plenty of amusing self-awareness, and more than a few memorable scenes that make for a chic revelation.

The story centers around awkward teenager Cole, played by Judah Lewis, and his infatuation with his incredibly attractive and understanding babysitter by the name of Bee, played by Samara Weaving. The story turns when Cole’s neighbor Melanie dares him to stay up late and see what Bee does once he falls asleep. With gutter-thoughts on his mind, Cole learns in a delightfully horrifying way that his crush is a ruthless killer in allegiance with Satan. Talk about a mood killer.


From there, it’s a classic young-boy versus a crew of devil worshipper’s tale. There are explosions, first kiss experiences, throat slashing, and sarcastic cynicism for everyone to enjoy.

The Babysitter has all the key ingredients:

  • Charismatic innocent lead
  • Stereotypical naturally beautiful female lead
  • Formulaic cheerleader bitch
  • Dude who never feels the need to wear a shirt
  • Weirdly voiced dark-souled oddball
  • A badass final showdown with a fantastic stoic frame

What makes the The Babysitter so enjoyable is that it is literally a PERFECT Netflix movie. According to IMDB, this movie was filmed in 2015 and was initially set for a theatrical release until Netflix acquired the rights. Man-oh-man, was that a massive blessing.

Babysitter General

The Babysitter is something that’s chewable and enjoyable for anyone who enjoys movie experiences like Wes Craven’s classic, Scream (1996). In fact, The Babysitter is a lot like MTV’s TV Show based off the icon.

DON’T GO RUNNING. I MEAN IT. I know that Scream the TV show is not the most high-brow entertainment. What the show does provide is perfect fodder for any fan of the horror-comedy genre.

One final thought; McG may be the main reason why I love The Babysitter so much. Looking at his credential, he is arguably most known for the taking major parts in the television series Chuck and Supernatural; both of which are in my top five TV shows all-time.

The Babysitter is the perfect comfort flick. Can’t recommend enough.

Stanko Rating: A


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