Well the new Justice League (2017) trailer is out…time to do what the rest of the Internet is doing and comment on the latest DC Comic attempt.

Play-By-Play Thoughts (Time to the trailer link embedded above):

0:11 – 0:44:

  • Well, there is already more Lois Lane and Superman than last trailer. Obviously a dream sequence…But hey, this is some nice cinematography choices in the opening seconds.
  • Henry Cavill’s jaw is arguably the best thing he brings to the Superman role…thing is chiseled to the umpteenth degree.

0:45 – 0:48:

Lois Lane

0:49 – 1:00:

  • A bit of a cheap way to set the dangerous tone just with a TV voiceover
  • Successfully does convey the loneliness of Lane

1:00 – 1:02

  • Note it’s the Daily Planet newspaper


1:03 – 1:04

  • Shows normal law enforcement doesn’t have capability to keep the scared people safe

1:04 – 1:06

  • First appearance off the Parademons

1:07 – 1:10

  • First appearance of the big baddy Steppenwolf
    • Why on the re-watching my first thought was regarding that Deadpool “Superhero landing” comment?


  • Is this solder dying…or being transformed into something?


1:12 – 1:13

  • Single shot establishing the seemingly monstrous odds against the “good” side


  • There she is…Gal Gadot as Diana Prince
    • I personally just connected the dots between her Saturday Night Live performance and this trailer released

Gal Gadot

1:15 – 1:17

  • Single framed shot showing the destruction that which Steppenwolf and his armies can achieve


1:18 – 1:22

  • Again establish the innocence of the soon to be victims with a young girl

1:23 – 1:26

  • Here’ssss Brucieeeee! Setting the town for danger, destruction and elevating the stakes

Bruce Wayne

1:28 – 1:31

  • First look at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Ben Gordon
  • We see Batman standing atop what appears to be the same building with his batmobile flying device rising to picked him up
    • I think purposely cut from the middle of this is some dialogue between Batman and the Commissioner

1:33 – 1:43

  • Just a series of second snippets of the members of the Justice League
    • First look at Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman
      • It looks like he is witnessing something that he wasn’t expected to see
    • Wonder Woman just looking like a complete bad-ass peering over the city
      • I am almost positive this is some sort of easter egg/comic book nod, but my knowledge isn’t vast enough to recognize
    • Cyborg, being played by Ray Fisher, looking at what appears to be battle pictures
  • “A strong man is strongest alone”
    • VERY interesting that Bruce Wayne…THE BATMAN…doesn’t agree with this philosophy that Curry is trying to put on him. Everyone knows that Batman is arguably the most secluded and self-protective hero of DC universe…yet here he seems to be praising the idea of unity and togetherness
      • It appears that Bruce Wayne thinks the stakes are so dangerous he is willing to forgo those personal preferences he (at least in his DC comic cannon) have held so dear

1:43 – 1:47

  • Clever use as the song highlights the words “gun” to have the batmobile dealing out pains of punishment

1:48 – 1:59

  • All the heroes struggling in some sort or fashion; establishing the fact that they can be bested they are not immortal
    • Is it bad I LOVE seeing Wonder Woman struggle defending the hammer blow of Steppenwolf
  • It appears that Aquaman was getting bested by a Steppenwolf underwater spear attempt, and Cyborg looked like he was going into electrical overload

2:00 – 2:21

  • This here explains why Batman is embracing the idea of coming together; he made a promise to Superman and the only way that he can keep the “hope” that the Man of Steel brought to the world is to unite this Justice League
  • I have NO IDEA what Batman is approaching at the 2:07 mark; some sort to force field obviously with seemingly ferny veins coming from the top
    • The set up for the final battle? Scouting the scene?


  • I am beginning to think that the main battle will take place completely above sea level: the amount of Evil Kenevil type set pieces and special effect showcases that have Aquaman flying, surfing and riding through the air is already at an overbearing level in my estimation.


2:22 – 2:37

  • Well the Parademons are a strong bunch to dismantle the seemingly indestructible batmobile.

Parademon Batmobile.JPG

  • Seems like this a DEFEND BATMAN moment…like he is the only one who can barricade through the wall he demolishes in the closing moments of this segment
  • Also this 15 seconds highlights that all the Justice League needs to work together

2:40 – 2:53

  • Cue the flash comic relief
  • That little eye contact between Wonder Woman and Batman…or should I say Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne…hmmmmm
  • Barry Allen seems a bit too loose with the lips


  • I am less enthused with this trailer than the previous theatrical release (linked below)
  • No blatant crowd-pleasing bait like at the end of the last trailer
  • I do really like how this trailer set the tone for Steppenwolf being a total baddy. Safe to say I think they lay waste to Themyscira
  • My expectations for DC films are at an all-time low…Gal Gadot’s solo effort gave me a shovel to dig out of the grave of disappointment…now Justice League nets to let down the rope to climb out

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