• We are in Minnesota. There were an crazy amount of B-roll of the guys walking through the city.
  • There are going to be two one-on-one dates and one group that this episode.
  • First one-on-one date goes to Joe…they get to go on a date in their hometown?? Seems like an edge.
  • Joe had an awesome guy date. He got to throw out a first pitch (or be there while Michelle was there) at a Minnesota Twins game and then play basketball and then get to have a really nice dinner. What could be better than that?
  • Michelle is just talking trash to Joe constantly about beating him in a dress. Not sure if it was a bad shooting day for Joe or if the editors just omitted his makes.
  • Joe being super open about his past hit me a bit harder than I expected. The idea of being really good at something but then having to adjust because you do not have the capability anymore is hard. I have had to do that. It stinks. I am not as fast as I once was.
  • The ferris wheel idea is a common thing but it is a romantic thing. Tayshia and Zac went on the ferris wheel and they ended up together. Now they are broken up which makes me really sad.
  • Joe gets the rose, no problem, no doubt.
  • We have the group date at Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium to see who is the ultimate viking. Safe to say, Chris will not be it.
  • Chris is such a whiney brat. I am so glad that I called it from the jump. What an egotistical asshole. These last two weeks really played out as if he knew he didn’t have a shot at winning Michelle’s heart so he had to make a name for himself.
  • Let’s fast forward to when he lurched his way into Nayte’s one-on-one date dinner time. I have never seen this before. This is completely new to me. I would have have handled it the EXACT same way that Nayte did with laughing at the absurdity of the situation.
  • Okay, back to the group date. This group date was made for Clayton. He looks like a viking. He acts like a goofy viking. He could be in the How To Train Your Dragon movies.
  • Emma and i were losing it when they had Chris in the blow up horse costume. Just amazing. Everyone else is showing off abs or doing whatever, but Chris has to be in an inflatable. Amazing stuff. Thank you producers.
  • We saw almost nothing from Olu on the group date. That is why I was a little surprised he made it to next week.
  • How quickly do we get the “hometowns are coming fast” line next week?
  • Chris you are a whiney asshole. That is all.
  • Nayte’s one-on-one date is highlighted by him getting to meet Michelle’s friends. That is massive. Also Nayte handled the tough questions really well. He did his job. He managed them to a T. He was confident but not cocky in answering the questions about him having it in the bag.
  • Michelle getting deathly ill from a past toxic relationship is not a fun site to behold.
  • The cocktail party…Martin…what are you doing bro. High maintenance? You are going to say women are that way. Emma HATED it. Michelle was not having it either. Somehow he still got a rose at the end but I am not entirely sure how.
  • Casey and Leroy go home. Neither of them did anything wrong, but none had a deep connection. That is okay. I think FOR SURE we see Leroy again in Paradise or somewhere.
  • OHHH I can not forget how good Michelle looked in the green dress at the cocktail party after the group date. I mean DAMN.


8. Martin

(Last Week 8)

SHOCKED that Martin made it to another week, especially after he and Michelle’s very awkward cocktail party convo with Michelle. Martin seems like high-maintenance himself and he is clearly the worst of the bunch remaining.

7. Rick

(Last Week 7)

Rick has done nothing wrong, but he is the opposite of what I feel about Olu. There is something about Rick that is not clicking with me. Maybe it is his Pennywise-esq large ass smile? Maybe it was his Viking scream where his eyes looked like they were bulging out of his head?

6. Rodney

(Last Week 4)

Just not a lot from Rodney this week. He is riding that underdog chip-on-the-shoulder mentality and he will until he either goes home or wins it all.

5. Olumide

(Last Week 5)

I think I really like Olu. I think? He is very blunt in the interviews about some people not wanting to do well, but he tends to keep a little bit quieter in the house and when Michelle is around.

4. Clayton

(Last Week 9)

This was the best episode for Clayton thus far. We got to see more about him and his personality. This was his bachelor tryout episode. He was built for the Vikings competition. Just a strong week from Clayton.

3. Brandon J.

(Last Week 2)

The cutest moment of the whole episode is when Brandon J. snuck in a cute kiss at the end of the viking group date. He didn’t win the group date but still had a smile on his face. He is just the golden retriever of the group.

2. Nayte

(Last Week 3)

Nayte gets the second one-on-one of the episode and he knocked it out of the park. Also, him getting to meet Michelle’s friends is a HUGE deal. I still abide that being a more important meeting that some family.

1. Joe

(Last Week 1)

They say that no sport relies more on chemistry and non-verbal communication than basketball. Joe & Michelle are exemplifying that. Their one-on-one date in their hometown was lovely. They are just two very attractive people.

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