Week 10 Recap

Straight Up: 5-8-1
Against The Spread: 5-9-0
Mortal Lock: I Forgot to pick one. No mortal lock.

Thursday, November 18

New england patriots (-6.5) vs. atlanta falcons

Straight Up: New England Patriots
*Against The Spread: New England Patriots (-6.5)*

Mortal Lock

Sunday, November 21

baltimore ravens (-6.0) vs. chicago bears

Straight Up: Chicago Bears
Against The Spread: Chicago Bears (+6.0)

green Bay packers (-2.5) vs. Minnesota vikings

Straight Up: Green Bay Packers
Against The Spread: Green Bay Packers (-2.5)

Indianapolis Colts vs. buffalo bills (-7.0)

Straight Up: Buffalo Bills
Against The Spread: Indianapolis Colts (+7.0)

detroit lions vs. cleveland browns (-9.5)

Straight Up: Cleveland Browns
Against The Spread: Detroit Lions (+9.5)

houston texans vs. tennessee titans (-10.5)

Straight Up: Tennessee Titans
Against The Spread: Tennessee Titans (-10.5)

san francisco 49ers (-6.5) vs. jacksonville jaguars

Straight Up: San Francisco 49ers
Against The Spread: Jacksonville Jaguars (+6.5)

miami dolphins (-3.5) vs. new york jets

Straight Up: Miami Dolphins
Against The Spread: Miami Dolphins (-3.5)

new orleans saints vs. philadelhpia eagles (-1.5)

Straight Up: New Orleans Saints
Against The Spread: New Orleans Saints (+1.5)


Straight Up: Washington Football Team
Against The Spread: Washington Football Team (+3.5)

cincinnati bengals (-0.5) vs. las vegas raiders

Straight Up: Cincinnati Bengals
Against The Spread: Cincinnati Bengals (-0.5)

dallas cowboys vs. kansas city chiefs (-2.5)

Straight Up: Dallas Cowboys
Against The Spread: Dallas Cowboys (+2.5)

arizona cardinals (-2.5) vs. seattle seahawks

Straight Up: Arizona Cardinals – This is contingent on Murray and Hopkins playing. if not I’ll be revisiting.
Against The Spread: Arizona Cardinals (-2.5) – This is contingent on Murray and Hopkins playing. if not I’ll be revisiting.

pittsburgh steelers vs. los angeles chargers (-6.0)

Straight Up: Los Angeles Chargers
Against The Spread: Pittsburgh Steelers (+6.0)

Monday, November 22

new york giants vs. tampa bay buccaneers (-11.0)

Straight Up: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Against The Spread: New York Giants (+11.0)

Last Week
Straight Up: 5-8-1
Against The Spread: 5-9-0
Mortal Lock: I Forgot to pick one. No mortal lock.

Straight Up: 84-65-1 (.560)
Against The Spread: 66-82-2 (.443)
Mortal Locks: 3-5-1 (.333) (One shirt because forgot to pick week 11)

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